Fighting with Windows 8

, posted: 25-Nov-2012 11:43

Getting used to Windows 8 means learning new ways of doing familiar things. This is fine, provided there's a benefit to be had but unfortunately, Microsoft has made some mystifying choices in Windows 8 that add complexity and effort to completing tas (read the entire post)...

The Windows Phone 7.5 bouncing tiles bug

, posted: 18-Mar-2012 15:53

(Ignore mumbly audio that the other phone didn't record properly.) Goes away after a reboot, and I can't replicate it. The bug shows up every now and then on the HTC Trophy 7 and makes the phone unusable until you restart it. Oh, and happy birthday, (read the entire post)...

Windows Live Essentials betas seem good, but oh so flaky

, posted: 19-Aug-2010 09:31

Microsoft's Windows Live Essentials comprise a set of utilities that are definitely worth downloading - I use Windows Live Writer to blog here on Geekzone for instance, and Movie Maker and Live Photo Gallery are really useful little apps. There's a r (read the entire post)...

Today’s incomprehensible Windows security warning

, posted: 29-Oct-2009 09:47

Not enough caffeine in bloodstream this morning, and I fat-finger an Excel 2010 formula. Can't see what I've done wrong so click on "Get help with this error." Watch a window pop up with this warning: Wait. "Microsoft Office" from "Microsoft Corpor (read the entire post)...

Today's strange Internet Explorer 8 error message

, posted: 2-Jun-2009 11:04

Windows 7 x64 is great but I'm not totally convinced about Internet Explorer 8. Of all the browsers I've tried - IE6/7, Opera 9.x, Safari 3/beta 4, Chrome 1.x/2.x, Firefox 3.x and betas - IE8 is the only one to choke on Gmail's Javascript (read the entire post)...

Microsoft takes the wind out of Windows 7's sails

, posted: 4-Feb-2009 11:07

Microsoft operates in mysterious ways, there's no doubt about that. While I expected there to be multiple versions of Windows 7, I thought Microsoft had listened to customers and would take the opportunity to weed out some of less than useful S (read the entire post)...

Windows Vista and Server 2008 SP2 out Dec 2

, posted: 2-Dec-2008 23:47

MSDN and Technet subscribers will have access to Windows Vista and Server 2008 Service Pack 2 on Dec 2 US time, Microsoft tells me in an email from the local office.

Hang on... isn't Vista SP2 due to be publicly released in February next y (read the entire post)...

On Radio Wammo this morning, about Windows 7

, posted: 13-Nov-2008 13:54

Glenn Williams, a.k.a. Wammo, asked me say a few words about Windows 7 on his programme on Kiwi FM, so I did. Click on the Winver image below to listen to the recording, in MP3 format. (Next time, I won't call on a mobile phone, as the sound quality (read the entire post)...

Microsoft's Bill Hilf says Linux doesn't exist any more

, posted: 15-May-2007 16:49

Microsoft has fired new shots in its war of attrition against the Open Source Movement, the latest being Bill Hilf declaring that Linux is dead:
"They are full-time employees, with 401K stock options. Some work for IBM or Oracle. What doe (read the entire post)...

Microsoft hacked

, posted: 29-Apr-2007 20:38

Looks like someone got through at Microsoft:

That URL doesn't load anymore - it looks like Microsoft has pulled the host from the DNS completely. Looks like it was for the Internet Explorer Administration Kit site o (read the entire post)...


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