Over 1,000,000 torrents of downloadable books, music and movies

, posted: 11-Aug-2012 15:57

A few days ago, The Internet Archive made it easier and faster to access its material, courtesy of Bittorrent technology. Here's what they say: The Internet Archive is now offering over 1,000,000 torrents including our live music concerts, the Preli (read the entire post)...

Megaupload and the US grand jury

, posted: 31-Jan-2012 14:29

Megaupload again: according to the US Justice Dept, Dotcom, Batato, Bencko, Echternach, Ortmann, Nomm and van der Kolk were indicted by a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia on January 5 this year. Megaupload and Vestor Ltd were also inclu (read the entire post)...

Filesonic disables file sharing; due to MegaUpload?

, posted: 23-Jan-2012 14:33

While Kim Dotcom and the Megupload people wait to see if they'll be granted bail, it looks like FBI-NZ Police raid on the file storage site may be scaring competitors into ending filesharing. Filesonic has disabled "all sharing functionality" for ins (read the entire post)...

An industry plundered by pirates

, posted: 14-Jan-2012 14:50

I read this story in the Herald about Sione's Wedding 2 earlier today and wondered about the figures quoted in it. Leaving aside the obvious mistake in the first para about the original Sione's Wedding losing $70 million through piracy - that's the e (read the entire post)...

Finally, some copyright infringement notices

, posted: 7-Jan-2012 17:00

Not for me, but Orcon customer "anonnz", David Zanetti at Tech Liberty blogs. It's a detection notice, sent out by Orcon after a complaint from Warner Music: David notes that the notice probably isn't compliant with the amended Copyright Act, lackin (read the entire post)...

"Three strikes" copyright enforcement fiasco in Ireland

, posted: 18-Jun-2011 14:08

While New Zealand waits for its "three-strikes" act to kick in, the Irish are finding their version troublesome. It was set up in an agreement with the biggest ISP there, Eircom, and the music industry in 2009.

Will the Irish experience be (read the entire post)...

What "lost sales to piracy"?

, posted: 12-May-2011 13:20

Chris Keall at NBR has looked at the Flicks NZ Cinema Census that apparently asked some 4,000 people about whether or not they download movies without paying - and lots of people do.

Why do they do it? Mainly because you can't get the stuf (read the entire post)...

US to pressure NZ into copyright compliance?

, posted: 15-Feb-2007 10:33

New Zealand has earnt itself a "Special Mention" (link goes to an Adobe PDF document) in the International Intellectual Property Alliance's 2007 Special 301 Report it seems.

The IIPA is a private sector lobby group comprising some 1,90 (read the entire post)...

Hyperlinking to copyrighted material is illegal: Australia

, posted: 20-Dec-2006 09:42

The Federal Court of Australia has upheld last year's ruling against Stephen Cooper who ran MP3s4free.net, and the ISP who hosted the site, for copyright infringement.

Cooper's site didn't host any copyrighted material. Instead (read the entire post)...

More on NZ FACT's 'Anti P2P program'

, posted: 28-Aug-2006 10:07

The reincarnation of Techremarks, 10Layers.com, has a good follow-up on the coverage around NZ FACT's spying on filesharers. 10layers slams NZ FACT's initiative as "a load bull" and a FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) spreading attempt.
(read the entire post)...


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