Baa Camp attendees: please help edit the Wikipedia page

, posted: 5-Feb-2007 12:37

Noticed that the Wikipedia article on the Kiwi Foo Camp, as linked to from the main Foo Camp entry, was marked for speedy deletion. The talk page says it's because it's an empty page... and so it was.

I've edited the page now (read the entire post)...

Snap next to be snapped up after Wordpress adoption?

, posted: 13-Jan-2007 10:26

You've probably seen the little webpage previews on Geekzone and the blogs here (if you have Javascript enabled), courtesy of Snap, a Pasadena, California-based company founded by Bill Gross. Once you get used to them, they're quite useful al (read the entire post)...

MyBlogLog sold to Yahoo

, posted: 9-Jan-2007 18:44

Om Malik has the scoop on MyBlogLog being bought by Yahoo for ... $12 million? Or more? Om doesn't say.

You've probably seen the MyBlogLog panel on the Techsploder sidebar already, and I have to say the "blog-based social network (read the entire post)...

Microwaved Furby and Heart Attack plus Flame Me Elmo

, posted: 9-Jan-2007 14:15

Time for some disturbing Internet meme-clips then. All in the worst possible taste, don't watch if you don't like that, and of course, don't try any of the below at home of course.
First, Furby meets Microwave:

Second, Tickle Me E (read the entire post)...

Pentagon reads kiwi blogs

, posted: 6-Jan-2007 12:15

This one's from the "just because you're paranoid..." department, I reckon. I read the No Right Turn blog every now and then and for no good reason clicked on its Sitemeter chicklet. On the details page, I saw this entry:

Fascinati (read the entire post)...

TradeMe down

, posted: 4-Jan-2007 09:55

Hmm... just as I was about to bid on an office chair. Typical.

Wonder what having it back as per above means :)

Update Waiting to hear back from TradeMe as to what happened, but Richard Wood of InternetNZ forwarded me the (read the entire post)...

Five things tagged

, posted: 29-Dec-2006 13:09

Oh no... Mauricio tagged me with the Five Things meme. Gack. Fine, here are five things you possibly don't know about me and probably never wanted to know either :)
I was born in Finland. The reason I start with that is because a lot of peop (read the entire post)...

Nokia 'gives' N70s to bloggers

, posted: 22-Dec-2006 15:04

The Al-Manazir blog entry First Look at the Nokia N70 is an interesting read for several reasons. First, here's a reviewer who really gives the camera component of a mobile phone a serious workout. Al-Manazir isn't fooling around and really (read the entire post)...

FedEx thinks NZ and New Caledonia are the same country

, posted: 9-Dec-2006 12:34

To get an idea how much it would cost to send Christmas pressies via FedEx instead of Ye Olde NZ Post to family in the UK, I did what the any Modern Geek does, and looked at US courier company's website for the rates. The site helpfully picked Ne (read the entire post)...

A measure of popularity?

, posted: 8-Dec-2006 17:03

Zillion's has the Air New Zealand Christmas for Kids charity auctions going at the moment, with a range of errm, interesting items going under the hammer. Fa Loh Suee pointed me to these two below, featuring the leaders of our two biggest parties (read the entire post)...


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