Yahoo! deletes email accounts as an 'incentive'

, posted: 22-Jun-2007 11:17

I'm one of the moderators of the Journalism New Zealand list/group on Yahoo! (JourNZ). For that reason I have an active Yahoo! account that I access most days in order to do the moderation thang. Yes, I'm totally aware of the utter wrongness (read the entire post)...

New Orcon business is buggy

, posted: 27-May-2007 17:44

Forget reselling Telecom DSL and data centres that crazed truckies crash into! It's ladybirds, green lacewings, praying mantis, nematodes, trichogramma and earthworm castings from now on. OrCon FTW!
(read the entire post)...

Pandora Internet Radio tunes out rest of the world

, posted: 10-May-2007 11:06

Simon in Welliewood told me that he can't access Pandora anymore, so I tried it too and... sure enough, Pandora has gone US only. The rest of the world can no longer listen to music on Pandora:

Well, that sucks. Read FAQ number 7 (read the entire post)...

Digg users rebel against account cancellations

, posted: 2-May-2007 16:15

Matt at Idealog told me to look at Digg's front page, so I did:

(Click on picture for larger version)
That's the Diggers rebelling against account cancellations brought on by people posting the HD-DVD decryption key (09 (read the entire post)...

Big-headed bloggers

, posted: 25-Apr-2007 15:41

Have the doorways at Sequoia Capital been enlarged sufficiently to accommodate the rather inflated Calacanis cranium? After reading about the well-famous blogger's latest caper, I am concerned that Jason's passage in and out of the office may (read the entire post)...

Fisk on Wikipedia and Web hate campaigns

, posted: 22-Apr-2007 11:01

"There is no end to the Internet's circle of hate," writes Robert Fisk in his article, Caught in the Deadly Web of the Internet, published in the Independent. Fisk, in case you've missed it, is a well-known British journalist whose critical pieces on (read the entire post)...

Sign petition to save Pandora and Internet radio

, posted: 18-Apr-2007 08:13

The copyright crazies in Washington DC have decided to kill off streaming Internet radio by forcing up royalty fees three-fold. I'm a fan of Pandora and all those weirdo little Internet radio stations that pop up in iTunes, and believe it would b (read the entire post)...

How will DoubleClick customers react to Google buy?

, posted: 14-Apr-2007 13:05

While most people will go "woah" at the size of the Google/DoubleClick deal (US$3.1 billion) there are some who won't be happy. Not because of the money, but because they're DoubleClick customers who wanted to stay out of Google's claws.< (read the entire post)...

Where is Telecom's corporate blog then?

, posted: 3-Apr-2007 18:27

I'm a bit disappointed in Telecom actually - and Vodafone. Unlike Telstra, the NZ telcos are quite content not to utilise the Internet to reach their customers more directly than using bog-standard first generation websites.

Now, Voda (read the entire post)...

Scoopit tag-cloud almost-haiku

, posted: 19-Mar-2007 16:21

anti-smacking auckland
climate change
clint rickards global
warming graeme burton
greenpeace helen
clark internet iran iraq
maori media murders
national party
police rape russell
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