Update Java to keep Vista Aero running

, posted: 3-Dec-2006 12:08

Here's an annoying Vista problem that I encountered: running Java applets in a browser kills the Aero interface. You can test this easily by going to any site like this airport monitor for Boston Logan International Airport. Once the site and the (read the entire post)...

Text Link Ads still hawks sponsored blog reviews

, posted: 22-Nov-2006 17:22

Early on when I started blogging, I tried out several different ad networks to see how they work. One such network was Text Link Ads (TLA), but I never used them - from memory it was because they require a server-side script to be installed, which is (read the entire post)...

Automated trackback spam

, posted: 19-Nov-2006 10:55

Some idiot spammer has found The Techsploder blog, and is sending large amounts of trackbacks from zombies all over the world. They won't ever show up but of course, I have to go through the moderation page and delete them. What a stupid waste of (read the entire post)...

Poll: New TradeMe Kevo the Kangaroo logo

, posted: 17-Nov-2006 14:05

Here's the first sign of change at Trade Me, since the Australians - Fairfax - took over.

What do you think? It's quite appropriate, seeing that the Kiwi's about to become extinct.

Update David Slack suggests (read the entire post)...

Another reason why your ihug emails may 'disappear'

, posted: 12-Nov-2006 11:53

Russell Brown has ihug email issues, some of which are no doubt caused by the huge increase in spam lately, but it occured to me that there's something else going on...

SORBS is still listing Ihug's mail servers as being in dynamic (read the entire post)...

No enforced registration of Chinese bloggers -yet

, posted: 26-Oct-2006 14:21

Reports that Chinese bloggers would be forced to register their names, email addresses, phone and identity card numbers with the Internet Society of China (ISoC) turned out to be a little premature, but only just.

The ISoC has submi (read the entire post)...

Firefox 2.0 out

, posted: 24-Oct-2006 15:17

Just in case you missed it, Firefox 2.0 is out and ready to roll. I think it's a worthwhile upgrade to 1.0.x and 1.5.x, but no doubt some of the IceBackporters will vehemently disagree with me and start up their flame throwers. Umm, tomorro (read the entire post)...

Breaking: Google to buy New Zealand

, posted: 21-Oct-2006 17:35

Amid Google's grandiose plots to further its ultimate plan of world domination, such as orbital mind control, low flying aircraft and WiMAX as seen on its whiteboard:

there is the below rather disturbing item:

read the entire post)...

It's true: Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion

, posted: 10-Oct-2006 11:02

News are in that Google went ahead and purchased YouTube for US$1.65 billion in stock. There's only one word to describe the deal, and that's "stunning".
YouTube has only been going since February last year, but has managed to corner the "user (read the entire post)...

Amazon Online Reader breaks in Internet Explorer 7

, posted: 4-Oct-2006 11:29

I headed over to Amazon to satisfy my Mr Wiggles cravings, and thought I should take a look at the comic book before I bought it with the Online Reader thing. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in IE7. I get a warning from Amazon and an endless amoun (read the entire post)...


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