Video: Kim Dotcom and Mathias Ortman at the IITP Mega breakfast

, posted: 28-Jun-2013 17:13

As the Institute says, Mega is the largest tech startup this year in New Zealand and Dotcom and his associates, Mathias Ortmann, Finn Batato and Bram van der Kolk are worth paying attention to. Video is just over one hour long. (read the entire post)...

Two-factor authentication broken

, posted: 23-May-2013 17:52

As Twitter attempts to make it service more secure and possibly facing legal action by Kim Dotcom for patent infringement some security experts say 2FA is basically b0rk3d already. There's more about it in the story linked to above, but I'm wondering (read the entire post)...

The problem with naming and shaming

, posted: 13-Apr-2013 11:59

This Tumblr, Dom's laptop is in Iran, did something everyone does at some stage: it named and shamed those who seemed guilty of something.
Long story short: Dom's laptop was stolen and ended up in Iran. Through remote access software, Dom track (read the entire post)...

Email charges and portability

, posted: 21-Oct-2012 10:35

I'm not sure why Telecom has decided to slap on a $20 a month email charge for people who aren't their customers but who have an address but they have. That's a good chunk of money that you really don't need to hand over to Telecom. If con (read the entire post)...

RIANZ wants to filter your Internet

, posted: 26-Jul-2012 20:48

Yes, that is the case: the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand wants ISPs to install a filter. That's from the RIANZ submissions to the MED [WARNING: SCANNED PDF] on the fee for processing copyright infringement notices and it reads: 56. (read the entire post)...

FCC’s Measuring Broadband America

, posted: 23-Jul-2012 17:13

Broadband performance is important, and so is monitoring it. However, I'm not convinced that the local contenders, TrueNet and Epitiro provide a great deal of useful information beyond limited snapshots, but the New Zealand regulator, the Commerce Co (read the entire post)...

Make the UFB free

, posted: 13-Jul-2012 13:13

The New Zealand Ultra-Fast Broadband project has several problems. It's over-complicated, slowly deployed and despite being in its first year already, only just over a thousand households have connected to it.

Obviously, the uptake figure (read the entire post)...

Conversation with a spam bot

, posted: 23-May-2012 12:46

"Alexis" appeared uninvited in my Google Talk or Chat or whatever it's called now. I suspected it was a spambot so decided to see if it was any good. It wasn't. Seriously, do people fall for this kind of stuff? Alexis hiya! me Hello Are you a spa (read the entire post)...

The exceedingly influential Mr Stephen Fry

, posted: 21-May-2012 14:21

I am already bowled over by how a few lines of tweeting by Stephen Fry shakes things up particularly in New Zealand. Somehow, Fry's utterances carry a tremendous amount of weight down here. Nevertheless, I didn't expect to see his tweets being referr (read the entire post)...

Getting some traffic from the Department of Homeland Security

, posted: 19-Mar-2012 21:43

Well, I don't know if this blog will be visited by US government spiders, but according to Animal New York, the below search terms are used by the DHS to monitor "social media". Ho-humm. Let's see what happens. DHS Media Monitoring Terms 2.13 Key (read the entire post)...


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