Shock! Tilgate Playground Moped Horror Reverberates Around The Globe

, posted: 4-Aug-2006 15:41

News media love stories of young people seeking fun and thrills, as long as such capers "go horribly wrong". This mission of disapproval has been greatly helped by the Internet because it means the journalists now don't have to leave their desks to get the stories. The clips of the actual stunt are just stupid. Nobody was hurt, but have a look at the news reports... it's hard not to laugh at the journalists anxiously describing the ghastliness that went on at the playground of horrors in Tilgate. Original video, shot with a camphone apparently: "This footage was then posted on the Internet for everyone to see"; BBC: "These terrifying images... the girls could've easily been thrown into the hot exhaust"; BBC News: Moped chav remix:

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