Turn your Stinkpad into a Slaptop

, posted: 30-Jul-2006 10:19

Many new notebooks come with sensors that detect if sudden, violent movement - like a drop - and park the hard drive heads quickly to prevent damage to the disk and data. That's kind of useful but not heaps of fun.

Luckily, some imaginative hackers got hold of the IBM Hard Drive Active Protection System or HDAPS as the acronym goes. A Linux kernel driver has been created for interacting with the built-in accelerometers in Thinkpads.

With a suitable HDAPS patched Linux kernel installed and an IBM (or Lenovo as they're now called) laptop with accelerometers, you can then look at this page by IBM's Nathan Harrington for some hints and tips on how to make the Thinkpad respond to knock-commands. Nathan's page has lots of resources on how to add slaptop functionality to your Stinkpad, including Perl (yeah!) scripts and demos.

Apparently, Apple lappies have accelerometers built in too , and I recall a Toshiba Core Duo model I had for a short while being equipped with it too.

Can this be done in Windows too? Presumably it could be....

And here's the obligatory whacky YouTube movie:

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