Zidane's mum demands Materazzi's balls on a platter

zidane headlessWe have now heard Zidane's version of what caused the Word Cup headbutting incident: Materazzi repeatedly shouted very coarse insults against Zidane's mother and sister.

Zidane's mother is convalescing after a serious illness and the Sydney Morning Herald (story link below) reports that she is less than impressed with Materazzi's behaviour. If it's true that Materazzi sledged Zidane's family, well, "bring me his balls on a platter," Malika Zidane says.

While apologising for the headbutting incident, Zidane doesn't regret it.

Materazzi however denies having insulted Zidane on the basis of religion, politics or race - or his mother. So what did Materazzi say? Again, he's not telling us.

FIFA is presently investigating the incident with both Materazzi and Zidane's behaviour being looked into. Racist slurs are against FIFA statutes, but Zidane now risks losing the Golden Ball Award he won as best player of the World Cup tournament, for his violent retaliation against Materazzi.

Meanwhile, Italy's coach Lippi says he's had enough and is quitting. Lippi feels he's been drawn into Italy's massive match-fixing scandal, and his son, Davide is under investigation. Before taking over the national team, Lippi led Juventus to several big titles in the 90s.

Germany's coach Klinsmann is quitting too, saying he feels burned out. Klinsmann built a cohesive German team for the World Cup, and saw off detractors who expected an early exit for Ballack and Co.

Back to the "Sport of Sledging", David Farrar has some Cricket examples on his blog here: http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/archives/014379.html Update YouTube clip of a BBC report with lip-readers interpreting what Materazzi said to Zidane:

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