Mumbai Bombings: the terrorists failed

, posted: 13-Jul-2006 16:22

Two hundred people dead and over seven hundred are wounded in Mumbai/Bombay after yesteday's train bombings, thought to be the work of Islamic terrorists Lashkar-e-Taiba.

That is a shocking figure.

However, if the terrorists were hoping to create rioting between Hindus and Muslims in Mumbay, they must be sorely disappointed.

Instead, Hindus and Muslims have pulled together as one, and helped each other out. Muslims have given blood and took Hindu victims to hospital.

The Mumbay share market didn't keel over - in fact, shares rose today - and people are going to work on the train system already.

Sowing discord between India and Pakistan, both armed with nuclear weapons, is also a likely motive for the terrorists. The Indian government will have to take some sort of action to show people that it isn't weak and cowed by Islamic terrorists.

India has in the past accused Pakistan of harbouring and directly supporting Islamic terrorists, especially the ones active in the Kashmir. Official statements so far say that the terror bombings will not affect the peace process between the two countries. However, if there are further attacks, and a series of grenade assaults were reported to have taken place in Kashmir, the situation could deteriorate rapidly.

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