Why Coketunes Music store won't get my money

, posted: 12-Jul-2006 07:58

Let's see:

Can't use Firefox.

Can't use Opera.

Can't use Konqueror.

Can't use IE7 beta.

Can't use any other media player apart from WMP 7+ for Windows.

Can't use Macs.

Sorry, but you are unable to access CokeTunes. To access this site you need:
A PC with a Windows Operating System (Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP). Unfortunately this site does not work on a Mac because the Mac version of Windows Media Player does not support the Digital Rights Management technology used to protect the music.
Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above. Version 6.0 is available free from Microsoft. Click here to find out how to install it onto your PC. IE7 Beta is not currently supported, but will be before the browser goes to general release. CokeTunes does not currently work in the Mozilla Firefox browser due to technical limitations.
Windows Media Player (version 7.0 or above). Windows Media Player 10 Series is available free from Microsoft. Click here to find out how to install it onto your PC.
Flash Plug In (version 5 or above)

Please check that your computer has all the necessary software and hardware to use CokeTunes by Clicking here

You will not be able to run CokeTunes if your browser is blocking Cookies. Please check the Privacy settings in your browser and lower the setting to allow Cookies.

In addition to use CokeTunes you will need:
A sound card
Speakers or headphones connected to your PC

More information

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