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, posted: 7-Sep-2012 15:44

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7 September 2012

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Paul MatthewsSoftware patents: We need your help
Paul Matthews, IITP CEO

As many of you will be aware, last week Commerce Minister Craig Foss announced a long-overdue progression of the Patents Bill, including changes around the provision removing patentability of software.

The announcement contained both good news and bad. The good news is, on the face of it the Bill continues to exclude software from patentability. That's great news for our software industry. The bad news however, is that the newly proposed wording is ambiguous and we believe will lead to considerable confusion and expense to the tech sector - and possibly even the exact opposite outcome as that intended.
But there is a solution and we really need your help getting it across the line.

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Juha SaarinenDon't feed the trolls
Juha Saarinen, Trollibutor

When it comes to software patents, one completely justified question is if the fears put forwards by opponents to that intellectual property protection device are overblown. Could an "alignment with world-wide best practices" as our friends over at NZICT put it really be that bad?

To start with, it's hard to see how moving from a clear position - no software patents - to a nebulous one - software can probably be included as part of certain patents - is world-wide best practice.

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Software patents: How you can help
IITP Staff

As outlined in this week's featured article, while well meaning we believe the proposed changes to the Patents Bill are not in the interests of the software and technology sector.
The alternative wording put forward by lawyer and IITP member Guy Burgess addresses the ambiguous nature of the proposed wording and puts forward what we believe to be a far more appropriate solution; meeting the Government's stated intentions but in a way that is less likely to furnish unpredictable outcomes.

So how can you help?

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Garry RobertonICT Trends: A Cloud(y) Future or Clear Sky Ahead?
Garry Roberton, Senior Lecturer, Wintec

Is Cloud Computing a threat or an opportunity? The cloud-shaped representation has been used by telecommunications engineers as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure contained therein for as long as I can remember. Nowadays, the cloud symbol is associated with cloud computing where a user's data, software and computation is entrusted to a remote services platform.
So, what impact on ICT jobs is this shift to cloud services going to have/having, both here in NZ and globally?

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