Over 1,000,000 torrents of downloadable books, music and movies

, posted: 11-Aug-2012 15:57

A few days ago, The Internet Archive made it easier and faster to access its material, courtesy of Bittorrent technology. Here's what they say:

The Internet Archive is now offering over 1,000,000 torrents including our live music concerts, the Prelinger movie collection, the librivox audio book collection, feature films, old time radio, lots and lots of books, and all new uploads from our patrons into Community collections (with more to follow).

That's an amazing amount of material. Finally, Peg-Leg Pedro the Pirate can be watched by anyone. peg leg pedro

I'd like to contrast that with the submission to MED [4.4MByte scanned PDF) from RIANZ on copyright infringement notice processing fees, in which the rights holder organisation says on page 12, paragraph 63:

As noted above, IFPI has used research from comScore to track the usage of P2P services over the period since the law was introduced. Since August 2011 overall P2P use in New Zealand is down 18% but still remains at a very high level with over 700,000 people still engaging in P2P file sharing on a monthly basis.

Footnote 10 on the same page tells us a bit more about how comScore's research works:

The comScore research measures usage but does not evaluate content so will theoretically measure legal P2P usage as well. However, such use is statistically very small.

Let me see if I got this right. comScore doesn't know if the P2P traffic infringes copyright or not, because it doesn't know what it is. Yet somehow or the other, "legal P2P usage" is statistically very small?

Since law is made based on the numbers and claims that RIANZ et al put forward, I think it's important to have them verified. The above doesn't make much sense to me.

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