Zune, a DRM nuisance

, posted: 16-Jun-2012 15:05

Microsoft's alternative to iTunes, Zune, looks kind of cool and can be used to upgrade Windows Phone 7 devices.

What it isn't good at though is selling stuff for Microsoft and others. There were some movies in the Zune Marketplace that I wanted to check out, as you can get them high definition too but it doesn't look like I'll be able to buy or rent anything.

First problem: Zune won't tell you the price up front, not in real money or Microsoft Xbox PacMan things.

So you click the Buy or Rent buttons, thinking the price might show up there, and get this screen:


"A media usage rights error has occurred."

Has it really? Why? How? I haven't even tried to access the movie. All I wanted to know is, how much does it cost? Why can't Zune tell me that without going DRM-ental in the process?

Then you try to sort it out by clicking on the web help link at the bottom of the dialog. That takes you to a webpage which in turn redirects you to another site, which Microsoft states "lets you upgrade the security components of your digital media player so you can play protected files on your computer."

Let me translate that for you: that page upgrades the Digital Rights Management or copy protection files on your computer. It has absolutely nothing to do with security, and Microsoft should just say so.

What's more, it doesn't work:

no upgrade

The Upgrade button is greyed out and can't be clicked.

Right. Screw you, Microsoft. Life's too short for this rubbish. Someone else can have my money.

Update OK, so the problem is fixable. Go to this KB page and don't go through all the steps in the Manually upgrade your security component as Microsoft suggests you reset the Internet Explorer security settings to low. Instead, click on the Fix it for me link and download and run the MSI file. Unfortunately, that doesn't sort out the irritating having to pay with Microsoft Points that you buy separately instead of plain ole dollars, which is a pain and hides the true cost of purchases. Are those Microsoft Points really allowed under the various Fair Trading Acts?

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