An ironic post for all the hipsters out there

, posted: 3-May-2012 19:52

You people think single-speeders is where it's at, but Vietnam has a few things to teach you about two-wheeled coolness. Oh yeah.

The ultimate hipster bike

Picture taken in Hoi An, using a Samsung NX11 with the 18-55mm kit zoom. I'm quite pleased with that 14mpixel mirrorless DSLR; the size is right for travelling and walking around, and the images from the large APS-C format sensor are nice and sharp. The above one is exposed at ISO 800, and I sharpened it a little in Photoshop CS 6 and applied some noise reduction too to the RAW image. There's an update to the NX11 coming out soon, and I hope to try that out too.

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