NZCS Newsline: Making a difference this year, the app economy, who owns the Internet and NZ law kills torrenting but opens tunnels.

, posted: 13-Feb-2012 16:11

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Paul Matthews

NZCS: Making a real difference in 2012

Paul Matthews, NZCS CEO

For our industry and sector, 2012 brings a major opportunity to make a significant difference to New Zealand. It's an exciting time to be in IT, with our country on the brink of finally recognizing the economic and social benefits of fostering tech-led innovation.
For us, 2012 will be the year the NZCS community brings together the work strands of the last 2-3 years and make a very real difference and contribution to our sector realizing its potential. And we really need your help to make it a reality.

If you only read one thing from NZCS this year I hope this is it. Read on to find out what we're up to in 2012.

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Taku Waimarie Hoki!

Juha Saarinen

The App Economy

Juha Saarinen, Newsline Editor

There are many elephants in the room for the IT sector and none smaller than the apparent fact that the industry doesn't create very many jobs. Last year, Apple opened a US$1 billion data centre in North Carolina, United States.
A substantial investment by any measure, but it only created fifty jobs to run the facility. Computerised automation means fewer people are required and as the remaining jobs are standardised and can be done anywhere, a sea of them have been outsourced to cheap labour supplies overseas.

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Paul Brislen

Telecomms Update: Who owns the Internet?

Paul Brislen, TUANZ CEO

It's not a trick question - it's quite fundamental to all of our lives over the next few years and already we're seeing the waves of discontent around the issue washing up on our shores.
The internet, for simplicity's sake, came out of a US Department of Defence project designed to allow communications to continue even if the central hub of the network was destroyed. This distributed model is the cause of, and solution to, most of the problems various governments are encountering today.

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Donald Clark

NZ Legislation shifts file-sharing from bittorrent to tunnels

by Donald Clark, Internet and Network Consultant

Last week there was a very interesting presentation from Waikato Univerity's world-renowned WAND group - they measure and study the way traffic flows on networks.
The group has come up with a new way of measuring traffic so that they can tell (with a pretty high degree of accuracy) what *type* of traffic any particular packet is part of without having to fully unwrap the packet and open up the box. Think of it like looking at the postmark, and then giving the parcel a bit of a squeeze!
What impact will this technology have on bittorrents and other tools used for copyright infringement?

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Contributed content is the opinion of the author only, and not necessarily the view of NZCS.


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