Filesonic disables file sharing; due to MegaUpload?

, posted: 23-Jan-2012 14:33

While Kim Dotcom and the Megupload people wait to see if they'll be granted bail, it looks like FBI-NZ Police raid on the file storage site may be scaring competitors into ending filesharing.

Filesonic has disabled "all sharing functionality" for instance:



Given that Megaupload held legal content that now may end being inaccessible due to the raid, I'm wondering if the US didn't just kill cloud computing and storage. You wouldn't really want to risk losing access to your data, without warning and not knowing when or if you'll get it back.

Update Yeah, it looks like the Megaupload case is having some effects.


Russell BrownRussell Brown@publicaddress now blocked in the US. Multiupload and Sharebee currently not taking uploads.#megaupload




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