Finally, some copyright infringement notices

, posted: 7-Jan-2012 17:00

Not for me, but Orcon customer "anonnz", David Zanetti at Tech Liberty blogs. It's a detection notice, sent out by Orcon after a complaint from Warner Music:

David notes that the notice probably isn't compliant with the amended Copyright Act, lacking a description of the nature of the breach, and more.

Furthermore, as David says, the account suspension proviso of the new law hasn't yet been activated. A rights holder can't apply to the District Court to have your account suspended for up to six months - not yet.

Over on Anonnz doesn't deny making the file available for sharing. He says he found a computer that might have been seeding the file, which he says was downloaded "at least two years prior to this law" coming into effect.

Annonz says he removed the file, the torrent file and any P2P software to go with it and thought that was the end of the matter.

However, he has now received a warning notice despite saying he disabled sharing abilities on the computer in question.


Let's see if Warner Music "alleges that you have illegally shared copyrighted material again" and the Enforcement Notice is issued at the end of this month.

Are those notice numbers serial ones? If so, a fair few Detection and Warning ones have been issued already. The Copyright Tribunal could get busy this year.

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