Apocalypse Now? North Korea fires long range missiles

, posted: 5-Jul-2006 10:57

Missile North Korea decided to join the US Independence Day party with some rather unusual fireworks such as the long range Taepodong-2. Understandably enough however, neither the US nor the rest of world quite appreciates Beloved Leader Kim Il-Sung's gatecrashing.

This Reuters report on Stuff says at least five missiles were fired by the North Koreans. However, fresher report say it was six missiles, with two of them the Taepodong-2, two the older Soviet-era SCUD type, with a fifth and a sixth being Nodong-2 medium-range ballistic rockets.

The Americans are mostly concerned about the Taepodong-2 which is said to be able to reach Alaska. However, it seems the Taepodong-2 missile failed soon after launch, but the SCUDs landed in the sea some 600km off Japan, and one closer than that to Russia.

North Korea has already shown that its missiles can reach Tokyo and the share market there dropped over fears that the communist dictatorship is deliberately sparking a geopolitical crisis. There's also serious concern that North Korea will export the missiles to Iran and other countries hostile to the west.

Oh well, at least the North Koreans aren't using Rakon GPS gear in their ballistic missiles.

Update It turns out North Korea launched seven missiles in total, and is reported to be preparing to launch yet another four.

Should we be worried? Well, Timothy Savage has this amusing piece in the funky Ohmynews.

The irony of North Korea countering America's latest mission on its highly advanced space program by demonstrating that it still lacks the basic rocket technology that the Soviet Union pioneered 50 years ago appears to have been lost on most observers. The high school equivalent would be trying to counteract the rich kid's new Lexus by showing up with your rusty old Schwinn, only to have the wheel fall off.


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