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, posted: 14-Nov-2011 09:59

I received the below this morning from InternetNZ, and am reposting it on my blog. Please spread the word.

Earthquake-damaged Cathedral SquareInternetNZ has launched a funding round as part of its contribution to helping rebuild the earthquake-ravaged Canterbury region. If you or your organisation are seeking funding for an Internet/ICT-related project that will contribute to the rebuild then we would love to hear from you.

  Who can apply?

The funding round is open to the ideas of New Zealand's wider community, with applications from any individual or organisation considered. Please note however that preference will be given to projects that are from Christchurch and have local support.

  Amount of funding

Funding will be via an open, transparent competitive process. A total of $435,000 is available in this Christchurch funding round. There is no cap on the maximum amount a project can apply for within this total.

  Eligibility Criteria

Project proposals must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Projects must materially contribute to the rebuild of Christchurch / Canterbury.
  • Projects must be non-commercial, not interfere with the market or provide unfair competition to commercial ventures.
  • Projects must relate to InternetNZ's objects as a registered charity. More on this below:

"InternetNZ is a non-profit Society established to maintain and extend the availability of the Internet and its associated technologies and applications in New Zealand, both as an end in itself and as means of enabling organisations, professionals and individuals to more effectively collaborate, cooperate, communicate and innovate in their respective fields of interest."

Carefully read through InternetNZ's list of objects. If your project aligns with any of these and is rebuild-related, then please apply. 

  Application Process

There is a two-stage application process.

Stage 1 - Expressions of Interest

  • Applicants submit an Expression of Interest, with a brief outline of their project.
  • All Expressions of Interest will be evaluated by a Grants Committee made up of three representatives from InternetNZ and three Christchurch-based representatives. 
  • Shortlisted applications will be invited to proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2 - Detailed Project Proposal

  • Shortlisted applicants submit a detailed project proposal.
  • The Grants Committee will evaluate the shortlisted proposals, gather additional information, conduct reference checks and hold discussions with applicants (if and as required).
  • Final decisions will be made by InternetNZ's governing Council.
How do I apply?

Stage 1 - Expressions of Interest are being accepted until 5.00pm 30 November 2011.

In the first instance, please ensure your project fits the Eligibility Criteria, then download and complete the Expression of Interest Form.

Email your completed form to

  Key dates


30 November 2011 (5.00pm)
Last date for submitting Expression of Interest Form

15 December 2011
Applicants advised of result of their Expression of Interest

15 February 2012
Last date for submitting detailed proposals

C. end-February 2012
Applicants advised of result of their detailed proposals



Please contact:

Campbell Gardiner
+64 4 495 2332

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