Startup Weekend Wellington

, posted: 27-Oct-2011 11:30

Dave Moskovitz tells me Start Up Weekend is on next week, in Wellington. He would of course know, being one of the organisers.

The event promises "an intense 54 hours", focusing on building a web or mobile app that could form the basis of a credible business - over the weekend.


Mike DelPrete of Agora Games fame is making an appearance and Startup Weekend is opened by Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown. HyperStart Webfund, The BizDojo and Microsoft Bizspark are the platinum sponsors of Startup Weekend.

The whole thing is aimed at people in that particular field, that is, developers, graphics heads and business geeks. Paul Spence from iWantMyName, Inas Duvnjak (BizDojo) and Nick Churchouse (CreativeHQ) have put the event together with Mr Moskovitz.

Startup Weekend is held at the BizDojo on 38 Vivian St, Wellington, starting Friday November 4 and finishing on Sunday.

If you want to check it out, tickets are on sale until Nov 4, for $99 a head. Early bird sales sold out already though.

Update There's a social evening at 5.30pm on this Thursday, Oct 27, over at BizDojo. No registration required, bring a friend, enjoy the welcome drink and maybe get some ideas for next weekend.

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