NZCS Newsline: ITCP, Steve Jobs, Women in tech, Designing to overcome behaviour barriers

, posted: 7-Oct-2011 16:26

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NZCS Newsline
7 October 2011

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This week:

  • Paul Matthews: The What's and Why's of Professional Certification
  • NZCS Team: NZCS Submission on discontinued software
  • Juha Saarinen: Boom! We'll miss you Steve.
  • Garry Roberton: ICT Trends: The talent pipeline and women in tech
  • Caroline Jones: Designing to overcome behaviour barriers (1 of 2)
  • Spotlight event: Retake the Net
  • ICT around town: All the latest ICT-related events in your area

Newsline edited by Juha Saarinen


This Week at NZCS

Paul Matthews

The whys and wherefores of professional certification
Paul Matthews, NZCS Chief Executive

Two years ago this week, following much research and consultation NZCS released ITCP the professional certification of the IT industry. Hooray!
Since then hundreds of professionals have gone through the programme and I'd like to celebrate this two-year birthday by revisiting some of the what's and why's of ITCP and professional certification in IT.

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NZCS Submission on discontinued software


As was reported in Computerworld this morning, the legislation dealing with the tax treatment of discontinued software projects is currently before Parliament and NZCS has continued to work on this issue.

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Taku Waimarie Hoki!

Juha Saarinen

Boom! We'll miss you Steve.

Juha Saarinen, Newsline Editor

While we all knew that Steve Jobs wasn't a well man, his death this week took everyone by surprise.
Maybe it is a testimony to how integrated technology has become with our lives, but I at least was surprised to see the tributes to Jobs flowing in from all quarters. One thing's for sure: Jobs and Apple shaped and redefined that technology to a degree few others have.

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Garry Roberton

ICT Trends: The talent pipeline and women in tech

Garry Roberton, Senior Lecturer, Wintec

The first two articles in this ICT Trends series [May/June and July/August] highlighted some significant statistics, along with industry concerns, in relation to impending ICT skills shortages both here in New Zealand and globally.

This month I'm focusing on exploring how these concerns might be addressed by engaging underrepresented groups of potential employees with the industry, most notably the gender imbalance in IT.

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Caroline Jones

Designing to overcome behaviour barriers (1 of 2)

Caroline Jones, Interaction Designer, Optimum Usability

People are creatures of habit and this can introduce challenges should you want them to adopt a new behaviour. We all start forming and evolving our behaviours from the time we are born, and each of us will respond to different stimuli in our own unique way.

Some of us can't start their day without our morning coffee whereas others will reach for a cigarette as a first port of call. Some can't fall asleep without a book in their hands and others like to leave their TV switched on.

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Spotlight event: Retake the Net

Retake the Net is an initiative for projects and actions related to keeping the internet free and open. Those behind the initiative have started Retake the Net to stop lamenting and do something concrete.

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Contributed content is the opinion of the author only, and not necessarily the view of NZCS.

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ITCP Certification
ITCP, or Information Technology Certified Professional, is the professional accreditation of ICT professions in New Zealand

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