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, posted: 8-Jul-2011 14:38

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8 July 2011

Your weekly dose of ICT news and views

This week:

  • Paul Matthews: Everything is a Remix
  • Juha Saarinen: GooglePlussed
  • Craig Pattison: Connections and culture
  • Marie Shroff: Privacy Update: You screwed up. What's next?
  • ICT around town: All the latest ICT-related events in your area

Newsline edited by Juha Saarinen


This Week at NZCS

Paul Matthews

Everything is a Remix
by Paul Matthews, NZCS Chief Executive

Recently, I've come across some presentations and media that really get to the core of the "policy" and legislative developments around Intellectual Property Rights that we're facing in New Zealand and elsewhere.
The common thread in the material seems simple and clear: in a digital world everything is a remix. Reality is of course much more multi-faceted than that.

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Other news from NZCS

Taku Waimarie Hoki!

Juha Saarinen

by Juha Saarinen, Newsline Editor

Last week I got onto (in to?) Google+ as I'm a BMOC and a generally cooler-than-thou kind of person. Result? Google+ is already eating up way too much of my time.
That by itself means Google+ could become a success, a worthy challenger to Facebook and Twitter, and something that could change the Internet landscape over the next few years. Yes, that does sound a bit bombastic, but that is the awesomeness of social media so get used to it.

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Craig Pattison

Connections and culture
by Craig Pattison, Senior Manager, Advisory for KPMG

As a Kiwi who has lived and worked abroad both in Europe and more recently in Asia my experience as a New Zealander is that we are known as hard working and reliable. Also, we 'have a beautiful country' and are often asked by people discovering that we are from New Zealand if we know this person or that person.
Just smile when you hear that. In my experience more often than not we do know the very people they ask of - part of our two degrees of separation. It is this International perception, our connectedness as well as our excellent track record across sport and industry that forms the very fabric of our competitive advantage.

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Marie Shroff

Privacy Update: You screwed up. What's next?
by Marie Shroff, Privacy Commissioner

Privacy breaches make brilliant headlines - unless your organisation is the one in the gun.
Getting hacked once is bad enough, but getting hacked multiple times is truly dire as Sony's ongoing (and very expensive) woes show. The vulnerabilities on the Labour Party's website are embarrassing for those who created and run the site as well as for the Party itself. And failures to think about privacy before launching a product end up with customer as well as regulator backlash - just ask Facebook.

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Contributed content is the opinion of the author only, and not necessarily the view of NZCS.

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