NZCS Newsline: NetHui, law and disorder, Telco update and TPPA in Vietnam

, posted: 1-Jul-2011 18:38

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NZCS Newsline
1 July 2011

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This week:

  • Paul Matthews: #NZCIO, #NetHui and #nzcsITS: Innovation on the Agenda
  • Steve Davis: Passing of NZCS Fellow Warren Marett
  • Juha Saarinen: Laws of unintended consequences
  • Paul Brislen: Telco Update: We'll still have free local calling - what a pity
  • Don Christie: TPPA, the trade agreement of our generation
  • ICT around town: All the latest ICT-related events in your area

Newsline edited by Juha Saarinen


This Week at NZCS

Paul Matthews

#NZCIO, #NetHui and #nzcsITS: Innovation on the Agenda
by Paul Matthews, NZCS CEO

It certainly has been a busy week of collaboration with a huge hive of activity up in Auckland with a definite "Innovation" flavour.
Things kicked off on Monday with the excellent CIO Summit up with a range of presenters on all things CIO. Amongst other things, NZCS had a major stand at the Summit and it was great catching up with a heap of NZCS members from the CIO community plus getting to know a bunch of others.

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Passing of NZCS Fellow Warren Marett
by Steve Davis, NZCS Deputy President

We are extremely saddened to note the passing of Warren Marett, NZCS Fellow, who passed away on 28th June after a long battle with cancer.
Throughout this battle, and also throughout the time that he has been heavily involved with the Society, he had been strong, quiet and always professional, trying very hard to hide his illness so as not to concern others, and continuing to help everyone.

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Taku Waimarie Hoki!

Juha Saarinen

Laws of unintended consequences
by Juha Saarinen, Newsline Editor

I've long been amazed at the complexity of the democratic process. Ideas turn into discussion documents, studies, debates, submissions and eventually, laws and regulations. Not losing sight of goals and principles in that maelstrom of paperwork is nigh impossible, and I greatly admire our politicians' stamina as they're able to follow and conclude often several such processes at the same time.
Actually, can they? Recently, some discussions I've had tell me that the complexity is overwhelming...

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Paul Brislen

Telco Update: We'll still have free local calling - what a pity
by Paul Brislen, CEO, TUANZ

Here's a daring suggestion: let's get rid of free local calling.
Stay with me for a moment rather than heading for the tar and feathers because I'm going to save you money.
First, some background. Free local calling has been a feature of New Zealand's telco market for as long as we've had a competitive market to speak of and it started life as the Kiwi Share Obligation.

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Don Christie

TPPA, the trade agreement of our generation
by Don Christie, Director, Catalyst IT

The importance of the innocuously-sounding Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement should not be underestimated. Abbreviated as TPPA, this trade agreement involves nine countries, including the USA.
It is the trade agreement of our generation and the terms that we agree to will be binding for decades. Presently, the TPPA is being negotiated in a series of rounds taking place in different countries.

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Contributed content is the opinion of the author only, and not necessarily the view of NZCS.

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