World Cup: Deutschland über Argentina; Ukraine folds against Italy

, posted: 1-Jul-2006 09:57

Finally, an enjoyable World Cup game without too much controversial refereeing or play-acting on the field. Argentina looked like semi-finalists after Ayala headed in the first goal of the game in the 49th minute and the Germans seemed unable to get past the strong South American defence. However, the hardest-working player on the field, Michael Ballack saved the day for Germany with only ten minutes left of the game: a cross from Ballack was headed by Borowski to Klose who in turn headed the ball into the goal - it looked pretty spectacular.

The game stood at 1-1 after extra time and went to penalty shoot outs. I expected the Argentines to be cooler than they were, but German goalie Lehmann denied Ayala and Cambiasso their penalties while Neuville, Ballack, Podolski and Borowski calmly put the ball past substitute goalie Franco. The game ended 4-2 to Germany.

While Ballack whose form before the game was in doubt ran out of steam in extra time, the rest of the German team looked strong. Lahm was particularly good, and substitute Odonkor put some extra energy into the team and rattled the Argentinian defence when he came on. Jürgen Klinsmann must be fretting over Ballack though, who collapsed in pain during extra time. Will Ballack recover in time for the semi-final? Ballack was named FIFA's man of the match, but Lehmann in the goal must share some of the honour for saving Germany during the penalty shoot-out.

On the Argentine side, Super Rodriguez was excellent, together with Ayala and Tevez. "Curly" Collocini did some good work too and either side could've won to be honest. Any controversial refereeing? Well, Argentina probably should've had a penalty when Rodriguez was brought down by Lahm. Instead, Rodriguez was booked for diving. Yet another case for a video referee, that. Other than that the referee, Lubos Michel, was good.

It's a shame that the emotions spilled over after the game though. Argentina substitute Cufre was accused of trampling down German defender Mertesacker and that led to punching between players briefly. Cufre managed to get himself red-carded for unsporting behaviour, which must be an embarrassing end for his World Cup participation.

In the other quarter-final today, Italy as expected rolled over Ukraine by 3-0. There was never any question who would win that game. With one goal from Zambrotta and two from Toni, Italy could easily have scored more. Ukraine did have some chances, like Kalinchenko's header (that guy can jump!) but otherwise, they were no match for Italy.

Germany's equaliser The penalty shoot out between Germany and Argentina

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