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NZCS Newsline
27 May 2011

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This week:

  • Paul Matthews: Copyright Regulations and a couple of updates
  • Juha Saarinen: It's the law
  • Donald Clark: Does IPv6 ensure the survival of an open Internet?
  • Laurence Millar: Opening up government data: NZ leads the way
  • ICT around town: All the latest ICT-related events in your area

Newsline edited by Juha Saarinen

This Week at NZCS

Paul Matthews

Copyright Regulations and a couple of updates
by Paul Matthews, NZCS Chief Executive

This week I thought I'd run a quick update on three areas we're currently working on quite extensively, namely the analysis of the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act and submission on the Regulations, the issue identified last time in relation to taxation on failed software projects, plus a bit of an update on Degree Accreditation.
Sick of Copyright yet? Me too. Promise to give it a rest for a while after this one.

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Other news from NZCS

Taku Waimarie Hoki!

Juha Saarinen

It's the law
by Juha Saarinen, Newsline Editor

Imagine if we were to introduce a law that criminalises a very common act. Next, imagine if we said that if you're guilty upon accusation. Not content with that, we then make it perfectly legal for the accuser to hand in false claims and allegations.
How could we make that law better? Easy: by making it impossible for you to challenge or to defend yourself against the accusations.

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Donald Clark

Does IPv6 ensure the survival of an open Internet?
by Donald Clark, Internet and Network Consultant

Last week, I sat next to the team from Outpost Central, a finalist at the NZ Hi-Tech awards. Outpost Central makes thousands of remote, battery powered sensors that people use for real-time water or energy use measurements, or to keep an eye on soil moisture and the like.
That is a classic case for IPv6 surely, I thought. It's a profusion of devices, all wanting to be connected to the Internet to share data. I asked them if they used IPv6.

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Laurence Millar

Opening up government data: NZ leads the way
by Laurence Millar, Editor at Large, FutureGov Magazine

The European e-government community continues to look to New Zealand as a leading practitioner in the area of Open Government Data. At the Share-PSI workshop in Brussels there were many references to New Zealand by delegates from across the European Union.

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Contributed content is the opinion of the author only, and not necessarily the view of NZCS.

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