Spain makes P2P filesharing illegal and kills legit Internet usage?

, posted: 29-Jun-2006 20:23

The MPAA is probably dancing a jig over Spain making peer-to-peer filesharing illegal last Thursday, but did the Spanish parliament really stop to think about how the ban will be enforced?

Instead of directly going after the filesharers themselves the Spanish have decided to make it a criminal offence for Internet providers to facilitate filesharing. It's not clear how "facilitate filesharing" is defined, but if it simply means "allowing it to happen", ISPs in Spain are in for some massive headaches. Blocking P2P is far from easy because it's possible to "hide" the traffic by using standard Internet protocol ports (like http and ftp) and encryption.

Spain seemed to be on the right track when it decided to levy a tax on recordable digital media. The tax would be paid back to copyright holders, and is probably a far more sensible way to compensate them than introducing Draconian laws that will see ISPs in the dock for failing to hold back the P2P tide.

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