Free short films on Vodafone 3G

, posted: 29-Jun-2006 19:08

VodafoneWondering what to do with that 3G Vodafone of yours? You could watch some short films made by New Zealand directors and crews on it, over the Vodafone Live! service. It's free, too.

Although Vodafone's head of the Live! service Tim Nichols says the short film thrives on the mobile format, I don't agree with it. Sure, short as in short duration suits mobiles, but small screens with limited colours and viewing angles don't do the film makers any favours.

Still, there are some gems in there - I liked "The Mystery of DeRezny's Limp" and it seems the films selected by Lord of the Rings and King Kong director Peter Jackson are safe bets. The whole thing is part of the 48 Hour short film competition. Each year, film makers get two days or 48 hours to make a short film no longer than seven minutes.

This year, some of the entrants that missed the 48 hour deadline but which the judges thought had delivered impressive stuff are included.

Link to the 48 hours site below.

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