VDSL2 installed

, posted: 14-Apr-2011 15:26

Finally, I have mo' betta upstream, courtesy of Snap Internet and Telecom Wholesale.


The download figure might improve as Chorus will rewire the connection soon. Also hope to have a different VDSL2 router than the borrowed Alcatel-Lucent Cellpipe 7130 one to see how much of a difference it makes. Besides, the Cellpipe 7130 has one of the least intuitive user interfaces I've come across.

It really is a shame that Telecom limits the upstream speed to 10Mbit/s though. I am of course happy getting approximately nine times better upload speed than before but it could be better. Oh well. Can't have everything.

According to the Cellpipe, my estimated VDSL2 loop length is 1,694 feet, or 516.3 metres. Pretty much spot on how I measured it from the roadside cabinet (yes, I used Google Maps...)

Will update as and when things change on the VDSL2 front.

Any suggestions as to good VDSL2 routers would be appreciated. 

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