DSL in NZ becomes a little faster

, posted: 7-Apr-2011 13:13

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my stories in the Herald, about the UFB pricing and details. In the stories, I said that DSL is dimensioned with 45kbps per user currently, something that caused Neil Gardner at Telecom to emit howls of protest. ISPs can now obtain higher Committed or Average Information Rates from Telecom he said.
Unfortunately, Neil didn't want to tell me what the higher rates are, so I looked them up in the Telecom Wholesale Informer. See below.
The baseline is still 45kbps but now there are 75kbps and 100kbps "throughputs" as well for ISPs, for additional charges. Telecom charges in increasing "steps" for the backhaul, depending on where in NZ the provider is and distance from the exchange/POP.
I'd be curious to know if how many ISPs have upgraded the throughput for their customers from 45kbps and how much the retail cost is. Does anyone know?
In comparison, the UFB promises 2.5Mbit/s and 10Mbit/s CIR options for residential customers and more for business ones.

Update There is apparently an option for UFB retail providers to oversubscribe the CIR on external network to network interfaces for flexibility reasons, in which case the CFH CIR won't apply.

Current process
In August 2010 (and as advised in Informer TW 2010-08-02) we advised that UBR backhaul handovers will be dimensioned as follows:
                 45kbps x (number of current connections + 5%*) = xMbps
New process
The baseline dimensioning remains at 45kbps per End User.
In addition, we will be offering new commercial variants for throughputs of 75kbps per End User and 100kbps per End User, which will be dimensioned as follows:
                 75kbps x (number of current connections + 5%*) = xMbps
                 100kbps x (number of current connections + 5%*) = xMbps
* growth allowance for new connections during any given month.
All variants can be selected on a per handover basis.
The new UBR backhaul charges per End User are:
UBR Backhaul

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