Best camera phone ever

, posted: 20-Oct-2010 15:43

Alex Kidman's asking if people really buy smart phones just for the onboard camera, in conjunction with the Nokia N8 launch yesterday. I know of at least one person who bought a Nokia N95 and an N97 for that very reason and I'd love to have a good camera on my phone because it's what I carry with me all the time.

However, the vast majority of cameras in phones are. . .  not so good. This is understandable because it's hard to squeeze in good, glass optics and a sensibly-sized sensor into a tiny device that has to be at least somewhat affordable. If you want good pics, carry a compact camera with you at all times because the phone one just isn't going to deliver in that respect.

Annoyingly though, I don't believe there's very many compact cameras that'll let you send pictures to your phone, for onward transmission.

I got sick of that situation, and decided to hack something together:


Now that's two Kwalidee Komponents melded together with tremendous skill, don't you think? Finally, I should be able to take great pictures with my mobile phone. Need to hack Android a bit more to make the auto-focus and image stabilisation work well and sew some bigger pockets onto my trousers, but other than that, I think I'm there. Might get some VC next and start marketing it.

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