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, posted: 19-Sep-2010 13:57

Samsung Galaxy

I've had the Samsung Galaxy i9000 for a few weeks now, and as it's going back to Vodafone soon, it's time to note down what I thought of it. Full specs and some issues are recorded on Wikipedia, and there are any number of detailed reviews out on the web, so just a short post on this rather nice, but flawed phone.

  • The design is great, bearing more than a passing resemblance to the 3G/S iPhones. The Galaxy i9100 S is slim and light, and fits my hands great. It doesn't however feel as solid as the iPhone, and in terms of overall quality, Apple has Samsung beaten.
  • Lovely lovely Super AMOLED screen - 800 by 480 pixels, and 233ppi. Apparently, the iPhone 4 screen is better than the one on the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, but that's very hard to imagine. The Super AMOLED has great colours for pictures and video clips, and the digitiser used by Samsung for the phone is accurate.
  • Swype. After using Swype, going back to the single-digit pecking or two-thumbing on other phones feels slow and awkward.


      • This phone is incredibly feature rich. Two cameras, rear and front, sensors, haptic feedback, GPS, compass, HSUPA/HSDPA, DLNA, WiFi, Bluetooth, 1GHz processor, PowerVR graphics acceleration… Samsung pulled out all the stops with the hardware, and added a slew of apps as well, some useful, others not so much.
      • Google integration works beautifully.
      • Call quality is great, and battery life is is very un-smartphone in that you'll easily get a day and a half of intensive use out of the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S.
      • Not so great - Android 2.1 is despite the 1GHz Hummingbird processor, plenty of RAM (512MB) and accelerated graphics really quite laggy on the Samsung Galaxy. Apparently, my phone is a production sample, so there's no excuse for the unresponsive interface. It shouldn't take several seconds for an application to launch, or to switch to the phone or texting function. Delimiter's Jenna Pitcher suggests that rooting the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S fixes the lag, but I didn't have time to try this, unfortunately. It's also something that non-technical users aren't likely to want to do. Update The lag and slowness could be due to Android tweaks introduced by Samsung, and may be fixed in the "Froyo" 2.2 update - don't have an ETA for that though.
      • There have been some complaints about Samsung's TouchWiz interface that's overlaid on Android's one. I didn't find it hard to navigate, although as Ben Gracewood points out, why put the home screen on the leftmost of the seven screens? It should be in the middle.
      • Camera picture quality is pretty average. For my needs, a phone + data device with fast text entry and decent picture, video and sound recording is Nirvana. I'm guessing it'll be a while before the perfect such device comes my way.

      The i9000 Galaxy S is $999 RRP from Vodafone, less if you sign up for two-year plans.



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