Windows Live Essentials betas seem good, but oh so flaky

, posted: 19-Aug-2010 09:31

Microsoft's Windows Live Essentials comprise a set of utilities that are definitely worth downloading - I use Windows Live Writer to blog here on Geekzone for instance, and Movie Maker and Live Photo Gallery are really useful little apps.

There's a refresh of the Live Essentials underway, and a lengthy beta programme for them is underway. The first beta that I tried was promising, although Windows Live Writer now inserts DIV tags that plays havoc with the Geekzone blog formatting when you embed videos. I was keen to see if the second beta round had sorted that out, and have been fighting the Live Essentials Beta installer for a couple of days now.

At first, the installer stopped at 38 per cent done, saying another program was preventing it from completing. Right. Which other program? That was obviously too much information to give out, and the suggested workarounds that included clearing out the temp folder and so forth didn't make any difference.

So, I uninstalled all the Windows Live Essentials on my machine, got a fresh copy of the new beta installer and… this time I got to 97 per cent complete before "another program was preventing" it from completing again. Arrgh.

I tried again, making sure that as many other apps and services were stopped, and woo! the Windows Live Essentials Beta installer finished! Hang on… did it really?
Fantastic. That's such a useful error message.

The apps seem to be there - I'm writing this in Windows Live Writer 2011 - and I wonder what will happen when I click Close? Will the installer roll back everything and remove the new apps? Stand by… better click Publish first on this post …

Update All the apps are there after I clicked Close.

Update II Is there any way to change the font size in Windows Live Messenger Beta, for the social feeds/updates? It's huge even on a 2560 by 1600 monitor and my eyesight is good…

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