Sorry New Zealand, but football is the biggest sport

, posted: 23-Jun-2006 19:22

Australia is through to the second round in the World Cup after a draw against a hard-charging Croatia. The Croats' rough game was more like dirty rugby tackles than football, but the Aussies not only weathered it but managed to keep their nose above the water towards the end, when Kewell put the 2-2 equaliser into the net in the 79th minute. The Liverpool striker is something of a national hero across the Tasman now. Italy will be a much harder opponent though for the Australians. Gli Azurri play a nasty style of defensive football that can literally trip up the best team. That said, the Americans managed to hold Italy to a draw so don't write off the Socceroos who could surprise if they get inspired. As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, Australia is over the moon at reaching the final 16. Here's hoping there will be even greater celebrations after the game against Italy.

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