Losers in the Apple iPad launch

, posted: 28-Jan-2010 10:20

There it is then, another culture-changing device from Apple, as Mike Elgan puts it. The iPad may not be everything to everyone, but Apple has launched the device with its usual thoroughness, and it's backed up by apps, media and 3G right from the start.
So yes, the iPad should sell well. The concept is nicely thought out, the design excellent as per usual and the marketing slick.
Who will hurt the most from the iPad then? My take is that Microsoft will smart the most. Perhaps Microsoft was too early with its TabletPCs, technologically speaking, and insisting on using styluses with them but they never really took off and look clunky compared to the iPad. Like geeky clipboards, unlike the cleanly designed Apple variant. Unfortunately for HP and Microsoft, I don't think there will be many takers for the Slate when it comes out.
Amazon will suffer too. Its Kindle is now officially boring and overpriced. End of story really.
What happened Intel being the official CPU supplier to Apple? The iPad runs custom silicon, a 1GHz A4 chip, made by PA Semi that was bought by Apple in 2008. Not much is known about the A4 at this stage. It could possibly be based on the Power architecture and it does apparently have an integrated graphics unit, like Intel's latest chips do. Clearly, Intel didn't have the parts Apple wanted for the iPad, and it'd be interesting to know why. I'm guessing power efficiency was a major driver behind Apple's decision to go with the P A Semi-designed part.
Adobe not looking too Flash on the iPad either. There's a Mexican stand-off going on between Adobe and Apple, with no Flash support for the iPhone or the iPad on the horizon. Some people will say that's a good thing, but most users will be annoyed when they hit sites that require Flash on their iPads, and there are many many many of those around.
As for the content, too bad if your media organisation isn't supplying material for the iPad. or outside the US. Is Fairfax or APN talking to Apple? If not, they should be.
The iPad isn't a great fit for Vodafone NZ in its present configuration as the 3G support will be 850MHz and 2100MHz, and not 900MHz, just like the iPhone. Telecom NZ of course has 850MHz 3G but will it be able to resell iPads? It didn't get the iPhone.
Plus, there will be no voice call facility on the iPad, only data. How will that fly with our Two Telcos, both of which love putting together Byzantine calling plans that ask you to pay in advance for minutes that you may or may not use, to subsidise handsets?
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