Brave new blog look!

, posted: 16-Jun-2006 17:28

Things have changed as you can see here at the Techsploder: the blog sports a new look, created by Su Yin Khoo and courtesy of indefatigable coder and Geekzone Master Mauricio Freitas who made the necessary changes to allow custom CSS.

I'm very pleased with it - Su Yin's done an excellent job I think so many thanks to her.

There are some bits that need tweaking still, so bear with me as I break stuff. If there's anything that doesn't work or could be better, I'd appreciate if you could let me know. One item I'm considering is if it'd be better let the two columns (blog entries and links) switch places. Yes, I know about the images and long URLs in some blog posts not fitting in. Will fix soon. Laughing

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