First test on Vodafone NZ HSPA+

, posted: 12-Nov-2009 09:30

At Vodafone HQ with Scott Bartley from PC World and Chris Keall from NBR, trying out HSPA+. On my Dell Studio 17 laptop and a Huawei K4505 USB stick, the results are...



And the hoary old Speedtest:


More tests to come with ftp downloads and uploads.

Update A few ftp tests later shows that the around 7Mbit/s sustained throughput per connection is possible, at least on a lightly loaded network. With three ftp downloads going, I hit 14-15Mbit/s sustained. Didn't have time to do upload tests, unfortunately.

The low latency is great, but Vodafone's HSPA+ network will need more tuning before it opens up for general availability. We experienced several instances of the connection staying up but with no data being passed over the link. Once the stability issues are sorted out, HSPA+ could be all the broadband many users need - provided of course that Vodafone follows through with the hints about upgrading the data plans.

On top of meaty data plans, Vodafone would need to source HSPA+ capable phones that can be used as modems as well as for voice, for the fast 3G connection to be attractive to general users looking to dump their landlines in favour of just mobile. Or, Vodafone could organise a 3G softphone to go with the USB data sticks.

Unfortunately, we weren't given any pricing for the uprated 3G service by Vodafone.

Here's Chris's take at NBR on this morning's HSPA+ session.

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