Geek garden update

, posted: 5-Nov-2009 13:46

Wet and warm keeps the green stuff happy. The garden is growing like anything, something that most New Zealanders are undoubtedly accustomed to, but for me is a Being There experience that still amazes. Have had lovely, sweet strawberries for the last month or so, and IMG_0265green vegetables all throughout winter.
The Italian flat-leaf parsley is huge, ditto the mint, holy basil, lemon grass, oregano, rocket, spring onions, sage and thyme - all the stuff that costs a small fortune in the supermarket. Having it fresh is just that much better as well.
One of the best things to eat from the garden has been the artichokes. The plant itself grew to a ridiculous size, obviously loving the clay soil and the buds are fantastic.
IMG_0263 Tomatoes have been planted and they're going berserk. One plant took three weeks to reach enormous proportions, so will have to put some sort of lattice thing behind it to keep it from breaking. Has fruit already though, so don't think it'll be a leaves-only job.
Almost forgot - need to sort out a watering system. What do people use? Those hoses with little holes in them?
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