Why would anyone buy the Wolfram Alpha iPhone app?

, posted: 19-Oct-2009 12:01

From the curious marketing strategy department: @duncn in Nelson pointed out via Twitter that the new Wolfram Alpha iPhone app is rather optimistically priced:

"the Wolfram Alpha iPhone app looks cool, might pass since its sixty-five fricken dollars!!! NZ, that is."

And so it is:


Perhaps it's really great but unless it offers something unique that the website doesn't, I can't see why you'd stump up $65 bucks for it. As @duncn points out, Wolfram Alpha works great in Safari on the iPhone. Here's the evidence:


Am I missing something here?


Maybe not.

Update Wolfram Alpha charges for the API too, as OleNessie points out. Pricing plans range from US$60 (1,000 requests) to $2,100 (50,000 requests) hitting $220,000 a month for the 10 million requests Enterprise plan.


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