Today's strange Internet Explorer 8 error message

, posted: 2-Jun-2009 11:04

IE 8 error message

Windows 7 x64 is great but I'm not totally convinced about Internet Explorer 8. Of all the browsers I've tried - IE6/7, Opera 9.x, Safari 3/beta 4, Chrome 1.x/2.x, Firefox 3.x and betas - IE8 is the only one to choke on Gmail's Javascript regularly. IE8 also does some funky stuff with Twitter Direct Messages: if using the Twitter website for DMs, you're prompted to save a file when you click Send.

The message gets sent, but IE8 is the only browser doing this (probably a MIME type issue). Should try to hack around it, I guess.

As for the above error message well... what? What problems? The problem's already been, the usual "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site. Operation aborted" error while going to a site. The error message above isn't particularly useful, and leaves non-techie users in a limbo.

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