Watch out: Twitter direct messages delivered to wrong people

, posted: 24-Apr-2009 11:11

This morning, I fired up DestroyTwitter and Seesmic Desktop as usual, to check out what's happening on Twitter. Had a few direct messages or DMs, from people I don't know and assumed they were those noxious and annoying automatically generated ones.

But, I took a closer look and noticed that they weren't from people I follow. In fact, they weren't even for me:

Twitter DM Fail

I don't follow any of the above people, and as far as I can tell, they don't follow me either. What's strange is that DestroyTwitter showed some the above DMs, but Seesmic Desktop didn't, but had others not destined for me:

Another Twitter DM Fail
Further Twitter DM fail

The above DMs contain nothing particularly outrageous or whatever, hence I haven't blanked out the usernames.

Either way, don't use Twitter DMs for any sensitive, personal or similar communications. You don't know where they'll end up.

Update Seems Twitter is aware of it, and has blogged about the problems.

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