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, posted: 18-Feb-2009 16:09

If what the Minister of Commerce, Simon Power, said during Question Time in Parliament today is correct (audio clip here on Scoop), Section 92A will come into force on February 28, and that's that.

Power says he's confident the two parties - ISPs/telcos and rights holders - will come to an agreement on the Code of Practice that'll be the actual implementation of the law but... as Richard Wood of InternetNZ points out, the Code of Practice won't be ready by end of February.

Oh well, details, details. They can be so annoying, can't they?

However, when February 28 comes, every business in New Zealand that provides any kind of service over the Internet will have to have a termination policy implemented. Not termination of the actual, physical employee, by means of violence or poison, tempting as that may be at times, but their connections. Their Internet connections, that is. This is what the law says, so don't think you can skirt your responsibility here.

You will be pleased to know that I, the World Famous In Parts of Auckland Juha the Techsploder, is available for consulting on such policies. I am more than happy to draft Education Notices, Warnings Final and Otherwise, and apply the four strikes with full force to your workplace.

An integrated policy that leverages the culture and values of your enterprise is a must, going forward.

Drop me an email for further details. Usual shockingly high hourly rates plus GST apply.

Thank you.

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