Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 too paranoid for Live Mail

, posted: 3-Jun-2006 11:20

Internet Explorer 7 too paranoid for Microsoft sites

The key feature of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 browser, currently in its second public beta, is security. Do not trust automatically, warn users, double-check things - that's all good stuff actually, because today's web is one hell of a hostile environment.

Still, I couldn't help noticing and smiling a little over how far Microsoft has taken the design paranoia. The above screen shot is from a fresh install of IE7 with default security settings, visiting my Live Mail account to check email.

As you can see, IE7 doesn't like cookies and scripts from MSN and blocks them. Looks like they're mostly ad related items too.

Speaking of ads, I wonder when sites will start recognising IE7 and not place Public Service Ads on the pages because they think it's an unknown browser? You'd have thought that after such a long beta testing period, webmasters would've got the message by now... or does it mean that the number of people running IE7 is vanishingly small, so that it's not worth the bother?

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