Paying for NZ toll roads over the web? Vista and XP SP2 only then

, posted: 15-Feb-2009 18:32

Sigh. I knew it was too good to be true. Going up to Foo Camp in Warkworth this weekend, we took the new tollroad that bypasses Orewa.

Verdict on the tollroad: excellent. Slowly going through the architectural disaster zone that's Orewa always used to put me in a bad mood. The tollroad means you zoom past all the ugliness at 100kph, and come out near Puhoi.

Verdict on paying for the tollroad: pretty crappy. The queues for the manual payment at the Dairy Flats Service Centre were long, so I asked the Toll-teller man how drive through, pay within three days works.

"So it's possible to pay with Internet banking?" I asked.
"Yes, no problem."
"There are no extra fees or anything then?"
"No, no, really quite simple," he said.

Fine. I'm back, and went to the Tollroads site to pay the four dollars (two bucks each way). To pay with Internet banking, you have to use some funky system called POLi. Payments Online is what it stands for, and it appears to be Australian. Now could someone at LTSA explain why they're using an Aussie online payment processor?

Of course, the system doesn't work. Why? Because:
It's Windows XP SP2 and Vista only. Doesn't work with Windows 7 or Mac OS X. This is just stupid. Yes, I know, I can pay with credit card and direct debit but that's not the point - there's no need to make Internet banking payments this convoluted. All I need is the bank account number to pay the damn money into, and put my licence plate as the reference.

Update Post headline more accurate now.

Update II Paid via Internet banking to the account below, and heard back from Tollroads. They had some problems inititially locating the payment, but found it in the end. I explained to them why the POLi system is problematic, and that they should allow people to pay with normal Internet banking. No additional software like ActiveX controls should be needed.

Failing that, more places to pay manually, like the Post Office, should be made available. Hope they'll listen.

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