Donate Xtra goodwill credit to Indonesian quake efforts

, posted: 30-May-2006 14:57

The Indonesian earthquake toll is huge according to news reports, with the number of dead now at some 5,500 and 130,000 people homeless. People need aid desperately, but donations from New Zealand are slow to build up, due to "compassion fatigue" says the NZPA.

At the same time, I received an email from Brett Roberts, Microsoft New Zealand's Chief Technology Officer. Brett was asking if there's an option to donate the Xtra goodwill credit to a charity. Now that is an excellent idea, because while the credits will be neither here nor there for Xtra customers, lumped together they could make a real difference for Indonesian quake victims.

I have already contacted Xtra's PR person asking if this can be done, who thinks it's a lovely idea and promised to float it. She thinks it may be difficult to do logistically, but worth a crack.

Here's hoping New Zealand's largest technology company can organise this. It'd be a nice way to mend some of its dented public image.

I think Telecom needs some encouragement here. Remember that they weren't going to provide any credits at all originally. The Herald's technology editor, Peter Nowak, tells me that Telecom manager Matt Crockett was adamant that there weren't going to be any credits only two days before they were issued. Nowak pointed to Sky TV, which refunded customers for the outage caused by the Optus B1 satellite issue, but Crockett apparently said it would put Telecom onto a "slippery slope" if it started offering credits.

If you agree with me, here are some email addresses to people at Telecom to contact:

Customer Care Manager Kelly Moore.
Wired Division General Manager Matt Crockett
CEO Theresa Gattung

The credits need to be donated soon however, as the situation in Indonesia is desperate.

Edit: Got a positive note from Xtra's PR person - Telecom is interested, but make sure the upper level management echelons hear about this too.

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