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, posted: 25-Nov-2008 14:18

How "webified" was the New Zealand general election recently? Have a look at the figures below, for the official New Zealand election results site and draw your own conclusions.

Stats courtesy of on the Google discussion group who obtained them from

The web-traffic statistics for during the period from approximately noon on the 8th November 2008 through to noon on the 9th November are shown below.

The vast majority of visits to the site were on Election Night from 7pm through to midnight, with the most intense period of traffic between 10pm and 11pm.

Total Hits: 7,713,146
Total Pages: 1,587,822
Total Visits: 93,737
Total KBytes: 17,691,862
Total Unique IP Addresses: 72,824

77.8% of the traffic (by hits) was from within New Zealand
12.0% was from Australia
2.68% from United States
2.1% from the United Kingdom.

Update Election night, Citylink had an outage, which is of course the one time you want everything to run smoothly. Explains perhaps why the figures are the way they are. Thanks to Brenda for posting the link on

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