Violent, no-sex Bond gets a Quantum of Solace

, posted: 24-Nov-2008 12:32

Quantum of Solace cast plus Marc Forster
QoS director Marc Forster with cast Mathieu Amalric (Dominic Green), Olga Kurylenko (Camille Montes) and Daniel Craig (Bond).
SkyCity kindly invited me to a preview of Quantum of Solace and... yep, it's good. The film kicks off with a demolition derby car chase that sees Bond's Aston Martin end up as a write-off but that's just the start. There's some pretty wild stuff in QoS involving boats, cars, motorcycles and airplanes.

The whole film is shot spectacularly well - Erica who is a movie pro was most impressed with the editing of the sequences, and how action was intertwined with more action. I didn't pay attention to all that as I was busy trying to keep up with everything happening on the screen. The action is frantic at times.

QoS is visually excellent and the idea behind the film, rich countries ruthlessly exploiting resources in poorer ones, is highly topical. However, the QoS script gets a bit confused at times as it tries to follow both Bond personally and the overall plot. In particular, I thought the end kind of petered out after a big bang pre-finale, and Erica was wondering if the third film was shot at the same time as QoS, so that it could be released quickly after to follow the current movie. 

I was sad to see Mathis die as a character in QoS. Giancarlo Giannini is one of the better actors in both of the recent Bond films; Judi Dench as M is even better in QoS than Casino Royale, and has a much bigger role in the second instalment.

Olga Kurylenko was quite un-Bolivianable as Camille Montes. Looking feeble and as if she spends her life in a tanning booth, Kurylenko is a bit of a yawn. Here's hoping she won't make it into the next Bond film. 

Mathieu Amalric on the other hand is great as Dominic Greene, the corporate sociopath villain. In fact, he reminds me in more ways than one of a rather unpleasant person I had the misfortune of working with. Overall, the banditry in QoS could've been a bit less frighteningly ordinary and business like, and more over the top.

And Bond... Craig's cool and determined in the role, but he could lighten up just a little even though his Bond is fyooked off something horrible over Vesper Lynd's death in the previous film. He's violent like anything and only has sex once, very discreetly off-screen too. M has every reason to be worried with her Bond being an ultraviolent thug who kills anyone who comes near him, either directly or indirectly. Roger Moore doesn't approve either of The New Bond.

Oh, and Craig's suits and clothes in the film are fantastic. Missed who makes them, but the long and excellent Wikipedia article on QoSsays Ford, Heineken, Smirnoff, Omega, Virgin Atlantic and Sony Ericsson were the product placement partners, to the tune of 50 million GBP. You noticed the Fords a lot (Ka, Jaguars, Land Rovers and Range Rovers plus Expeditions galore) and certainly Sony Ericsson's phones. This time around there weren't any SMS messages to carry the plot forward, but Bond did use the camera on his mobile phone - not sure if he PXT'ed the pics or sent them some other way like email. Voice recognition was used extensively in QoS and the tech felt refreshingly 2008.

MI6 also had a brilliant touch-screen table screen with gesture recognition in its ops room that I really really want.

Here's a bunch of trailers on Yahoo Movies if you want a quick peek at the new Bond film.

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