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, posted: 21-Nov-2008 13:01

Introduced to day for New Zealand, SearchWiki lets you customise the search results by promoting lower-ranked ones to the top, delete irrelevant ones and commenting on them.

Here's a screenshot, courtesy of Rob Shilkin from Google:

Google SearchWiki
Rob's obviously looking at coming over here for a holiday. The green up-arrow and the greyed-out down-arrow speak for themselves, and that bubble is for adding comments to the results.

The SearchWiki stuff only affects results that you see while signed in with your Google account. You don't need to do anything apart from signing in with your account to enable it. It doesn't change things per se in Google's index, but apparently, there will be a public page that lets you see how "the community" has edited rankings in aggregate, plus its comments on results. 

SearchWiki will no doubt raise the ire of privacy advocates, who will say that it gives Google more information about how you search the web. Even so, I can see that it'll be useful in some situations.

Google seems to be a on a feature rollout roll at the moment. Gmail themes, video, audio, and now customisable search results.

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