Pretty please Xtra, can I have some credit?

, posted: 28-May-2006 15:47

DPF posted on Kiwiblog that Xtra customers will have to apply for the four days' worth of Internet usage credit that Telecom promised to give after a week of severe network outages.

"Surely not," I thought, because didn't Telecom's Customer Care manager Kelly Moore tell us on May 18 that:

Customers don't need to do anything at all. Starting next week we will notify Xtra customers how the the goodwill credit will be handled.

There you go. Kelly More says we don't need to do anything. Still, though... better check if that's actually right, because you never know... so I look in my Xtra mailbox and find the below message:

Subject:     Crediting your Telecom account for recent network problems
Date:         Sun, 28 May 2006 07:02:13 +1200
From:        Xtra


Crediting your Telecom account for recent network problems

Dear Mr Saarinen

Firstly, we'd like to apologise if you were affected by the
recent email and Internet connection problems at Xtra.

Dealing with occasional faults is a fact of life for any
Internet company, but in this case fixing them took longer
than we would have liked.

We know the delays were frustrating so thanks for your
patience while we put things right.

If you were affected, we'd like to offer you a one-off
credit on your Telecom account, equivalent to four days of
your monthly Internet plan charge. This covers the time from
when the problems started to when we restored service for all of our customers.
To receive your credit, simply enter your details at by 28 June 2006.
You will need your Telecom account number to complete the
form. You can find this number in the top right hand corner
of your Telecom bill.

Kind regards

The Team @ Xtra


This is a service related message about products and services you have with Xtra.  If you do not wish to receive any promotional emails from Xtra, please visit the following link:
You will still receive service emails like this from time to time.

This email is deployed by proximity iD on behalf of Xtra.

When you see this kind of stuff, you realise there's no hope for Telecom. They have almost single-handedly written the book on bad PR now, and as DPF says, having to request the credit when Telecom said customers wouldn't have to do anything is just plain insulting.

I was curious to see how much my credit would be so I clicked on the link above and filled out the form. However, Telecom doesn't even tell you how much the credit will be, only that it will appear on my July bill as "Xtra credit for May".

July? That's two months after the outages. This is the company that slaps on hefty penalties for the slightest delay in paying them.

This is just rotten treatment of your customers, Telecom.

Update: Further evidence of Telecom's rotten attitude towards their customers in this DomPost article (thanks Bung).

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