Vista slips until February 2007 or later?

, posted: 27-May-2006 13:09

As I'm trying to make up my mind whether to wait for the Beta 2 media to arrive or bust my data cap downloading the ISOs for Vista, I spotted this piece by Martyn Williams on PC World.

In it, Steve Ballmer says:

The other thing, frankly, which we are discussing with NEC and other hardware partners is when would they really like it--early January, late January, February--so it depends on when the next roll-over, the next turn of the machine cycle will be and that would be the best time to ship it based on beta feedback.

I'm not sure if I'm buying what Ballmer's saying there. He's basically blaming hardware vendors for the late launch, which goes completely against what I've heard - that is, hardware vendors want Vista now, not in nine months' time.

Maybe Microsoft still has a lot left to do on Vista and a third beta with "semi-betas" like the CTP stuff are needed before the Release Candidates come out? Think I'll download Vista beta 2 now actually, as I'm curious as to what it's like.

Either way, Ballmer's comments can't be reassuring for Microsoft's hardware partners.

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